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Innovative Psychotherapy Services

Confidential, Professional and

Welcome to BlueFlame

Our most significant relationships are often the ones that we have the most difficulty with, including the one
that we have with ourselves. Addressing and resolving emotional, psychological, and relationship issues is more than just good therapy, it is a journey that leads to a new lease on life. We all want to love ourselves, raise secure children,
have healthy marriages, healthy bodies, and the ability to overcome the traumas in our lives; however, the path
to getting what we want and where we need to go isn't always clear.


At BlueFlame we understand that healing doesn't come from a "one size fits all" approach, it is by pairing you
with the right provider who can connect with your individual needs, goals, and personality that we strive to help you overcome barriers that keep you from living the life you want and deserve to live.


Therapy may be intimidating and overwhelming but when it works and you are committed to the process it is
absolutely life-changing. We are committed to providing a wide variety of high quality and specialized services in a safe, beautiful, and healing environment with a skilled therapist you can trust.


Travel a lot for work? Can’t find a babysitter? Afraid to leave the office and have someone ask you where you are going? No problem! In an effort to best meet your needs BlueFlame offers both in office and secure HIPPA compliant
online services via our virtual office. We want to make your therapy experience as relaxed and stress free as possible;
You can easily request, book, or cancel appointments any time online. Never miss an appointment again
with our with calendar sync capabilities and the option to receive reminders via text, email, and/or phone.
Finally, you can save time and leave your pen at home. All intake and other service related documents can be
completed online from the comfort of your home prior to your first appointment.
We look forward to partnering with you in your journey toward healing and mental health.

Payment Methods Accepted

Some insurances are accepted.

Please call to verify whether we accept your plan prior to booking your first appointment.
Select insurances will reimburse out-of-network providers. Please ask for more information
on how to check with your insurance provider about this program and reimbursement for services.

Co-pays are the responsibility of the client at each appointment.

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All clients regardless of sexual orientation, religion, gender, occupation, or political stance
are welcome at BlueFlame Psychotherapy Services.

Why BlueFlame?

If you’ve ever stayed up long enough to watch a fire burn out, at some point, the coals grow hot enough
to emit a beautiful blue flame. It would appear that this is a sign of a weakening fire, it no longer rages like it once did, and from a distance, you can’t feel the heat; however, the reality is that this is the most powerful
stage of a natural flame. Even the hardest, most stubborn metals can succumb to the heat of a
BlueFlame and be transformed – changed. Something so seemingly useless that is hard and heavy can be melted, sculpted, or welded into something beautiful, functional, and unique. Without a vision,
an artisan, and a flame, it might go untouched, unchanged, dismissed. It is our belief that anyone can be transformed and that within each of us is a potential beyond comprehension.

We are the artisans that have the vision, the ability to see the potential, and the skill to ignite
the BlueFlame that can assist our clients in becoming their best selves.


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